He who lights a lamp for someone else, brightens his own path as well



The Nigerian government in its wisdom in the 1970′s set up the unity schools to achieve certain goals, among which includes fostering national unity.

FGGC Yola was founded in 1979 with 30 students and today has over 1000 students, located in Yola, the Adamawa State capital in the North East geopolitical zone of Nigeria. The college has staff strength of 183, consisting of 90 academic staff and 93 non academic non academic staff including NYSC members. It has houses named yellow, green, purple, pink, blue, orange, red which a student must belong to.

The students also belong to clubs and societies ranging from Computer, Mathematics, Jets, Young Farmers, French, Geography, Arts, Arabic, Road Safety, Drama and Culture, Commonwealth, Red Cross, Girls Guide, Health, Environment, Anti HIV and AIDS , Girls Education Movement, Youth Anti-crime, NAFDAC, Stock Exchange, Students; Parliament, Government.

The College is headed by Mrs. Wakawa, Charity Yakubu (JP) as the Principal, Mr. John Ngalibi as the VP Admin, Da'ap Simeon Absolom as VP Academic (1), Mal. Abdullahi Ahmad Donga as VP Academic (2) Mr. Zuwahu L.S. as the VP Special Duties and Mrs. Sonuga F.S. as V.P Students’ Affairs.

MOTTO: Pro-Unitate

OFFICIAL COLOURS: Maroon and White


The Vision of the College is to produce academically sound and morally upright future Women leaders.


To bring up erudite future Women leaders through discipline, hardwork, unity and commitment driven by ICT and the fear of God.

SECTIONS: Senior Secondary School and Junior Secondary School

CLASSES: Senior Secondary 1, 2 & 3 and Junior Secondary 1, 2 & 3

ARMS: A, B, C, D, E, F & G

HOUSES: Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red and Yellow



1. Agricultural Science

2. Arabic

3. Biology

4. Building Construction

5. Christian Religious Studies

6. Catering & Craft Practice

7. Chemistry

8. Civic Education

9. Commerce

10. Computer/ Information Communication Technology

11. Dyeing & Bleaching

12. Economics

13. Electronics

14. English Language

15. Financial Accounting

16. Fisheries

17. Food And Nutrition

18. French

19. Further Mathematics

20. Garment Making

21. Geography

22. Government

23. Hausa

24. History

25. Home Management

26. Islamic Religious Studies

27. Insurance

28. Literature in English

29. Mathematics

30. Physics

31. Technical Drawing

32. Visual Arts


1. Arabic

2. Basic Science and Technology

3. Business studies

4. Cultural & Creative Art

5. English Studies

6. French

7. Hausa

8. Mathematics

9. Pre-vocational studies

10. Christian Religious Studies

11. Islamic Religious Studies

12. National Value


1. SCIENCE: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Computer/Information Communication Technology, Fisheries, Agricultural Science, Pre-Vocational studies

2. Humanities: English Language, Geography, French, Hausa, Civic Education, Government, Social Studies, Islamic Religious Studies, Christian Religious Studies, Religion and National value, Cultural and Creative Art, Visual Arts

3. BUSINESS: Financial Accounting, Commerce, Insurance, Economics, Business studies

4. TECHNOLOGY: Technical Drawing, Building Construction, Basic Technology, Home Management, Food and Nutrition, Garment Making, Catering and Crafts Practice, Dying and bleaching